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We are also a unique information and resource guide for Russian-speaking students wanting to study abroad. GSA offers a complete range of professional services including:

  • Consulting. We consult students on opportunities available to them abroad as well as scholarships, grants and other types of financial aid.
  • Course, university and country selection. GSA assists students to choose from a wide range of courses available for them for studying abroad. Our consultants expertise and knowledge helps students to understand the course modules and choose the best suitable course.
    We provide unbiased consultations on the further studies country selection. Our advice is based solely on the student’s goals, experience and motivation. Each country is unique in its course offering, cost of study, scholarships, course duration, visa formalities, part time work permit, living expenses, post study work permit and permanent residency. GSA consultants help students to choose the best country to meet their study goals and future career prospects.
    Our task is to find the best fit for our students . We are not limited to partner universities only – all accredited universities and education institutions are on offer. Choosing the right set of universities and colleges based on student’s profile and expectations is a tough task which is made easy by our expert counselors.
  • Searching for scholarships/fellowships to support client’s studies abroad individually. GSA assists students in making their dreams to study at affordable cost come true with the scholarship assistance services. GSA Consultants help to search for scholarships, fellowships merit and need based scholarships as well as other types of financial aid based on students’ achievements and experience.
  • Assisting in application process. We provide proofreading and consulting services on preparation of the application documents. We do not prepare any documents for our students!
  • Holding seminars and webinars on educational opportunities abroad.

 For further information on partnerships please contact Vlad Dovolnii e-mail:



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